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Working Towards a Better Tomorrow

Women's Wing, a D.C and Maryland based group of service individuals, pledge to meet the needs of those less fortunate without compromise; joining forces to meet the needs of the least, last, lost, and forgotten. 

Women's Wing is renowned for their deep commitment to community service and outreach. Our spiritual principles inspire our objectives, which are derived from our mission and core values focused on service.

Today, Women's Wing accomplishes our objectives by developing service-oriented individuals and community programs while advocating with community leaders in various fields to significantly impact society.

The advocacy of the Women's Wing is focused on empowering families, creating sustainable path for participants to gain ownership of their future; preventing incarceration and reducing recidivism in our local correctional system; thereby strengthening our communities and returning productive citizens to our ranks. Women's Wing seeks to spread their wings to reach those that society has forgotten, placing participants in areas that bring hope, and make a mark in the lives of those we pass along the way, doing it all with dignity and respect

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